How to Visualize

Successful people in all fields of life use the creative visualization process in their lives. If you genuinely want to see something come true, then you have to use your imaginative mind. You have to be able to see the outcome in front of you. The only limit to your success is your own mind.

Visualizing Your Goals

To imagine your goals so that you achieve them, you have to visualize the desired result, activity, or event. You need to think of it in terms of “you get what you see,” and you need to be ready for creativity and mind synthesis to take the lead. If you want to visualize yourself getting a promotion, you need to picture yourself sitting in your brand new office, with your name in gold-illuminated letters on the door.

Picture your black, leather chair sitting behind an enormous mahogany desk. When you are done imagining the big things, shift your mind to the smaller ones. Clearly visualize the dust in the corners and the coffee residue in your mug.

Fix Your Mindset

There is no way that you will be able to improve anything in your life if you are continually feeling lousy about yourself and the possibilities in your life. Having a positive mindset helps to reset a tumultuous period of bad luck. Fixing your mindset will allow you to change your “half-empty glass” thinking into thinking about the glass as being half full. You need to seize the opportunities to change and move ahead in your life.

The creative visualization process is similar to hypnosis. If you don’t think that it will work, then it won’t. The first step to ensuring that the visualization will work is to start thinking positively about the process.

You’ll want to transfer your imagination into your reality. When you have spent some time visualizing your goal, then you need to swing into focus mode, just before you start the task, event, or activity. To achieve the results that you desire and lead you toward your goal, you must focus vividly on the image of the action that you are about to make.

Even if the activity is something elusive, like “make more money,” you can use your creative visualization before each business possibility or before going to work every day. For example, if you are trying to hit a ball, imagine hitting it in your mind, focusing on each stroke, at the right speed, and the right height.

Carefully observe the instrument hitting the ball, sending it flying through the air and settling where it is supposed to land. Include all the senses in the experience: hearing the ball approaching, sensing and feeling the impact with the instrument, as well as the smell of the grass. Then go out and do it in reality.

Remind Yourself of the Importance of Slowing Down

For the creative visualization process to work, you need to be calm, relaxed, and willing to give yourself the time to concentrate in peace, without worrying about anything else. Visualization is very similar to meditation; only it is more vivid and active. Visualization encourages you to think actively about the possibilities, but you have to leave aside anything unrelated to your dreams and goals, and only focus on your dreams and goals.

It is essential to make yourself comfortable if you can. Having minimal distractions will go a long way in making the process a lot easier for you. In addition, being comfortable during the process will help you think more clearly and more calmly.

Envision What it Will take to Achieve Your Goal

Wanting to be the president of your company isn’t enough. You have to think about the qualities you need to possess that will help you achieve that goal. Along with visualizing yourself as the president, you also need to visualize the skills that you will need to achieve and maintain the position.

You’ll need to imagine the skills of listening, discussing, sharing, smiling, persuasiveness, communication, and the ability to deflect criticism with respect. The chances are that there are specific skills that you will have to work on. Again, use visualization to concentrate on the individual skills and bring them up to par.

If you are visualizing doing something or having something, you’ll want to imagine the steps that you would take to get there. If you are looking to be the president, you’ll want to visualize your political career. Picture your campaign and imagine participating in fundraisers and meeting with political heavyweights. Picture the red light of the camera at your opening debate.

Use Affirmations

While pictures are incredibly useful in the creative visualization process, words also work well in the process. If you are able to visualize a self-confident, expressive you, dazzling the crowd, you can say to yourself, “I have the confidence I’ve always dreamed of. I am gaining self-confidence, and it feels great.”

You can repeat this statement to yourself as many times as you wish, as long as you believe it. You will never get your desired results by feeling silly about yourself. Remember, that with creative visualization, seeing is believing.

Refining Your Technique

For you to be effective in your visualization process, you need to improve your technique. Here are some practical strategies that you can incorporate into your process that will help make visualizing your success much more accessible.

Think Long Term

If you think that you will be able to change your life overnight dramatically, you are going to end up utterly disappointed. Even if you happen to win the lottery in the more, you will still be just as disappointed in your life in six months as you are currently, unless you are able to determine what is ailing you on the inside.

It is better to think long term when it comes to realizing your heart’s desires. You want to try and visualize your life in five, ten, and fifteen years and the kind of results you desire. Think about how you’ll be different, and how your circumstances will be different.

However, you will get nowhere in realizing your dreams and accomplishing your goals if you merely create a shallow image of you driving a Porsche to your large house, surrounded by diamonds and fawning friends. This vision is artificial and won’t prove to be healthy or fulfilling for you in the long run. Instead, you should envision what you want to accomplish as a human being and the legacy you want to leave in your community and the world at large.

Think Positively

As far as visualization, positive thinking and hypnosis are concerned, you have to think about the positive. Concentrating on not being poor is not exactly a compelling desire. As such, instead of thinking about what you don’t have, you need to focus on what you do have, who you are as a person, and what you want out of your life.

Additionally, you always have to remember to think in the present tense. If you are envisioning yourself quitting smoking, then you don’t want to rehearse the mantra, “I’ll try to quit.” This kind of mantra is worthless because it doesn’t happen in the here and now. Instead, you should think in terms of “Cigarettes are dangerous. I don’t want them. They do nothing for me.”

Be Realistic

If you play tennis, and you are trying to visualize your next game, dominating your opponent, you won’t be very successful if try to picture yourself has Rafael Nadal. This will do nothing for you except frustrating you because you can’t live up to the standards that you’ve set for yourself.

You will end up exhausted and frustrated and the chances that you’ll quit increase. Instead, you need to imagine your strikes. Picture your coach screaming in delight when you deliver the best performance of your career.

Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

When you first start practicing the creative visualization process, it can feel a bit awkward. However, you have to push beyond this if you want to achieve your dreams. It is entirely natural to feel a bit uncomfortable and overwhelmed by your dream world at first, but given some time this will pass. Remember, that if it doesn’t feel a bit weird at first, it means you are probably not doing it correctly.

Be the Star

It is important to remember that you aren’t the audience in your visualizations. The stage is yours and the time is yours to shine. Therefore, you have to be the start of your visualizations. Immerse yourself in all your justified glory. It isn’t enough to visualize your life as a film, but your visualizations must be from your own point of view.

This is the meaning of full creative visualization. It is a reality like you are viewing it through your own eyes. It is not some kind of out of body experience; it is the future. It is real and is all about you.

Using Visualization Exercises

Using your smartphone or digital camera, take a picture and look at it for a moment. Put the image away, close your eyes and visualize what was in the picture. Carefully think about the details of the picture. Are you able to precisely rebuild the image in your mind’s eye? Take a quick look at the picture if you find that you forget about some of the segments, then put it back again. Practice this exercise with different images until you get the hang of it. Do this until your eye becomes so naturally observant that, the one minute is almost too long.

Replace the Photo with a 3D Object

For the second exercise, you’ll want to replace the photograph with a 3D object. For example, let’s say you have a book. Imagine the sides, the front, and the back. Now, imagine what it looks like when it is closed, and when it is opened. Bring to mind the pages, the covers, and everything in between. Picture what it looks like under a tree or beside your bed. Picture what it feels and smells like.

The idea behind this exercise is to be able to shift it around in your mind. It can actually be quite tricky. Sometimes our brains prefer to live in 2D because it is much easier and takes less effort.

Therefore, you’ll want to take the book and rotate the image back and forth, up and down, and open and closed. Carefully consider its weight as you turn it. Consider the movement of the pages as you rotate it. Picture it as a real object.

View it in the Real World

For this visualization exercise, you want to keep your eyes open. Now, take the book in your mind and imagine it sitting on the table in front of you. Picture the shadows that it casts on your coasters. Move close to it. Visualize putting it in your hand. What does the book feel like? How does the serration of the spine feel against the cover? What do the edges of the pages feel against their fronts? What does the book smell like? How clear does it feel?

Picture Yourself in an Exotic Place

At this point, you will be dealing with more than a mere object. Now, you will need to try to imagine a complete scenario that you’ve never been in before. Be sure to pay close attention to all of your senses as fully as possible.

For instance, try to visualize a beach. Imagine everything, including the way the breeze picks up the salt and blows it past the palm trees as they rub together against the wind. Now, imagine the heat of the sun and its effects on the sand. Try to make the image as vivid as possible.

Picture Yourself Interacting with Your Environment

Take the same scene that you imagined in the last exercise and place yourself in it this time. Feel the sand against your toes, the sun kissing your skin, the cold water running over your foot and the sound of the waves moving in and out. Feel the wet sand under your feet and sink into the earth. Sit down on the beach and relax. Take a nap. Allow the flow of the ocean and the noise of the ebb to lull you to sleep. Allow the seagulls to keep you company.

This is the ideal visualization. When you can imagine yourself in a complete environment, feel free to generate worlds that you can triumph over. The mind is your playground.

Write it Down

If you are the type of person that can live through words, then write it down. Write down the sensations as they come to you. Immortalizing it will help you relive it over and over again. It can work as a source of inspiration, which will help you remember the imagery with ease.

When you return and read it, let the words help you reenter your visualization. Close your eyes, recite your affirmations, and develop. Take it to the next level each time. The larger your visualization gets, the more satisfying it will be.

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