Techniques for Clearing Your Energy

As you learn more about the creative visualization process, you might encounter roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your best. It is essential to be able to recognize these mental blocks and systematically eliminate them in order to visualize correctly and have the best results from your visualizations.

Mental blocks work by obstructing the flow of energy through your body, which subsequently impedes your progress. These blocks are usually caused by suppressed emotions, like self-criticism, guilt, resentment, fear, and sadness.
These emotions can take a toll on your mental state, which can cause it to tighten up, leading it to shut down your emotional, spiritual, mental, and even physical energies. As with any other barrier to your progress, the only solution is to remove the obstacle and resume with the free flow of energy. Here are the essential requirements for helping you to remove the barriers and get your energy flowing freely.

  • You first must accept your current feelings, both emotionally and mentally. Being able to accept this will help you to relax physically.
  • You must clearly identify the problem, as well as determining the core issue.
  • When you begin to deal with parts of your consciousness where the block is occurring, you need to be able to experience and immerse yourself in the emotions that are suppressed and locked up in a way that is amicable, loving, and capable of acceptance.

Following these steps will not only unblock the trapped energy, but it will also provide you with the unique opportunity to watch and experience your underlying negative attitudes, beliefs, and thought processes that caused the block in the first place. When you can isolate these processes, you are able to observe them better and eliminate them.

The difficulty disappears as soon as you acknowledge and accept yourself as you are. You have to accept and love yourself compassionately as well as gathering the mental courage to release them. Negative thought patterns have become a crucial part of your perception of reality over time, and they are incredibly active in seeking to influence your world.

You need to understand that these things are only your beliefs, and not reality. The most useful tool that you have to lead the change is to change and alter your assumptions about the nature of life, people, and truth, and then start to act accordingly to this modified thought process.

Energy Clearing Exercises to Try Today

If you find that you are having difficulties and are facing obstacles in accomplishing your goals, or you experience internal barriers that prevent you from achieving your best, then here is an exercise that you can try to help clear your energy blockages.

Energy Clearing Exercise

Start by writing down at the top of a piece of paper, the following statement, “The main reason I don’t have what I want and desire is,” then begin to jot down all the thoughts that spring to mind in order to complete the sentence.
You want to try to avoid spending too much of your time on thinking about this list because you might end up manipulating your real inner thoughts to something that’s more appealing to you or easier for you to accept. Don’t put too much thought into what you’ve written either. Ideally, you should end up with a list of 20 to 30 things.

Now you want to repeat the exercise, but you will now specify the limitations of what you want or desire. For example, you might write down, “The main reason why I am unemployed is,” and continue to jot down the things that you think are responsible for you being unemployed. When you are finished, go through the list and look at it with a calm mind and without any bias. Look for any specific points that you think are particularly true for you. Try gauging the effect of these limitations on yourself and your world in general.

Next, you want to write down all of the negative attitudes or thoughts that you have about yourself and others. Next, take some time to carefully analyze the content and try to overcome the thoughts and ideas that consciously or unconsciously tend to have control over you.

If your emotions overwhelm you during this exercise, don’t resist them. Instead, you need to accept them as a vital part of your thought process and try to experience them as much as you can. This phase might also be associated with flashbacks about your past. This is because your parents and teachers told you something when you were young that shaped your current perspective of the world.

Finally, when you feel as though you’ve completed this entire process and you’ve gotten in touch with your negative thought processes and beliefs, you need to take the piece of paper and tear it up and throw it away.

This needs to be done to symbolize that you are ready to let go and move on from your rigid thoughts and beliefs. Now you need to relax and repeat some affirmations to enforce the more open, constructive and positive ideas in order to replace the negative ones.

Here are some positive affirmations that you might want to use.

  • I am entirely free of my past.
  • I have gotten rid of all of the negative and limiting beliefs that I’ve held, and they no longer have control over me.
  • I want to forgive and release everyone in my life. Now everyone is free and happy.
  • I don’t have to please others intentionally because I am likable in everything that I do.
  • As of now, I have released all the disappointments, fear, grudges, resentment, and guilt that I had gathered in my life.
  • I’ve dissolved all of the negative self-images and attitudes I’ve carried about myself, and now I love and appreciate myself.
  • Every obstacle that prevented my happiness and full expression of life is no longer there.


Now that you have worked through the negative thoughts that have been blocking your energy, you can begin to heal the pain and unhappiness that other people have brought to you, as well as the pain that you may have brought to others.

Release Exercise

The main idea behind this exercise is learning how to forgive and let things go. Start by taking a piece of paper and write down a list of all the people that you think have caused you harm in the past, who haven’t treated you well, or who have been unjust to you, or just people you resent.

Next to each name, write down precisely what the person did to bring you harm or the reason you dislike them. Then, you’ll want to close your eyes gently and relax. Clearly imagine each person you mentioned in the list, and have a short conversation with them individually.

Make sure you explain that even though they had previously hurt you in some way, that you are now ready to forgive. Finish the conversation by blessing them, by saying, “I release and pardon you. You can go on with your own life and be happy.” This process will allow you to unblock the energy that has been trapped and lets you use it for more productive purposes.

Going through this process will help to lighten the load of emotions that you might have been carrying around for years, and helps you start the process of forgiveness. The most exciting part is that your effect is passed on to others. This means that when you forgive the people on your list, even when you aren’t in direct contact with them, they will subconsciously pick up the signal and enable them to clean up their lives.

List of Forgiveness Exercise

This exercise will have you doing the exact opposite. Rather than writing down the names of the people you believe have hurt you in a way, you will write down the names of those who you think you’ve hurt or committed an injustice against. Start by closing your eyes and relaxing completely. Begin to picture everyone on your list and inform them of the wrong you did to them. Ask for their forgiveness and their blessings.

Next, you want to picture in your mind, the other person granting you forgiveness. When you’ve completed this process, write down at the end of the page the following, “I have forgiven myself and absolved myself of any guilt. Then tear up the piece of paper and get rid of it to complete the process.

Asking others for forgiveness, like forgiving others, will help to unblock the energy that you need for the creative visualization process to work. Freeing up this mental space will allow you to clearly visualize yourself succeeding and obtaining everything that your heart desires.