What is the Law of Attraction?

Public awareness of the Law of Attraction has been around for a long time. Maybe you first came across it through Napoleon Hill and his book “Think and Grow Rich”, or maybe you first heard about it ten years ago when the book and movie “The Secret” became popular and were discussed everywhere, including the Oprah Show. No matter how you first came across it, or even if this is a completely new concept to you, this guide is for you.

In the following pages and chapters you’ll find a great introduction to the topic along with some hands-on advice for making the law of attraction work in your favor. The basic idea is that “like attracts like”.

This means that you can improve your life, your circumstances, your finances, your weight, your relationship, or any other aspect of your life in a positive way by actively thinking about and visualizing it. Does that mean you can sit and meditate about a million dollars and they magically falls in your lap? Of course not. There’s a lot more to this idea and quite a bit of science to back it up.

Curious? Keep on reading to learn more about the Law of Attraction. We’ll start with an introductory chapter about what the law of attraction is and what it isn’t. I have some facts and science to convince you that this is a natural law that works just as reliably as gravity does.

Next, we take a look at how you can use the law of attraction to your advantage and start actively incorporating it into your everyday life. We’ll talk about defining goals and what we need to do to get closer to them and reach them.

Next you’ll find some great tips that will help make it easier to work LOA in your favor and practice positive thinking regularly until it becomes a well-ingrained habit.

Since there’s nothing better to both solidify what you’re learning and convince you that this actually works than real life examples, we’ll go over a few of them before wrapping things up with a chapter on common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Let’s dive right in and get started with a definition.

What Is The Law Of Attraction
The law of attraction is a natural law like the law of gravity for example. The big difference is that it is slightly more difficult to quantify and measure. With the law of gravity, you can drop a ball and observe it fall to the ground. You can weigh the ball, measure the height, time the fall, and come up with a formula.

Law of Attraction is a little harder to measure and prove, and while it is easy to observe, it’s much harder to quantify precisely. This is one of the main reasons it has not yet been adopted by most scientists. As you’ll discover shortly, the more we learn about the molecular makeup of our world and quantum physics, the closer we come to an idea of our world that aligns with the concept of LOA.

This basic concept is that everything is made of energy and that our thoughts and feelings influence the world around us. The law of attraction states that “like attracts like” and that thoughts attract corresponding situations and

Another way to express this is to say that whatever you give attention to is what shows up in reality. In other words by focusing our thinking, we can change the circumstances and our perception of the opportunities around us in a way that helps us reach our goals. On the flip side, if we’re not careful about our thoughts and what we pay attention to, we can attract a lot of negative things into our lives.

I know this sounds very “New Age” and the whole idea of thinking yourself into a more successful, healthier, and happier person may seem strange. Yet, I bet you’ve experienced this yourself already.

Think back on a time when you were thinking about getting a new car. You look at some options and fall in love with a Honda Fit. All of sudden, you see Honda Fits everywhere. You see them driving around, in parking lots and spot them for sale on car lots and in the local paper. Did your thinking create dozens of new cars that are now driving around in your town? Of course not, instead your perception has changed and with that your circumstances have adjusted and you’re seeing this particular model car everywhere.

Let’s look at one more quick example you may be familiar with. Let’s say you order something online and it is not what you expected. You call up customer service. You have two options. You can get mad and angry at the company and thus the customer service person, yell, and throw a fit. Or you can be pleasant, explain what happened, and ask what they can do to fix it. In the first scenario you’re focusing on the bad and negative. In the second, you’re thinking about finding a solution and a positive outcome.

In which scenario do you think the customer service rep is more likely to make things right for you, and go out of their way to make you happy?

Why is it that we feed off each other’s emotions, start to pay attention to the things we focus on, and attract the things we think about into our lives? A concept that explains this phenomenon perfectly is the Law of Vibration.

According to this law everything is in motion. We start to see it under the microscope as we are able magnify further and further. On a molecular level, we are not one solid body. Instead we are little bits of energy that spin around each other in a very precise and organized manner. Everything in our world on an atomic level is in constant motion. With that motion, everything gives off vibrations and we can use our minds to change those vibrations to match those of the things and people we want to attract into our lives. It’s a matter of dialing into the frequency for the life we want.

If you put yourself into a mindset that the company you ordered from will set things right for you, you’re transmitting a vibration that encourages positivity and cooperation. The customer service person on the other end receives that
vibration and will gladly offer you an exchange for something that better represents what you wanted.

Now that you have a better understanding of the Law of Attraction, what it is, how it works, and how the law of vibration comes into play, let’s look at what you can do to change your habits and your ways of thinking to use LOA in your life.

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